Summersville Regional Medical Center Web Site Privacy Policy


Summersville Regional Medical Center (“SRMC” or “We” or “Us”) has created this Web Site Privacy Policy (“Policy”) in order to document and communicate its commitment to protecting your personal information. Information you provide SRMC shall be used in strict accordance with this Policy.


Sites Covered by this Policy.

This Policy applies to all SRMC-owned web sites and domains, and our wholly owned subsidiaries.

  • Ansted Medical Clinic
  • Summersville Specialty Clinic


This Policy in not intended to address the collection, use, storage, access, or transfer of Protected Health Information (“PHI”). Users of this web site shall not transmit PHI to SRMC through this web site or any forms included on this website. All transfers of PHI shall be handled in accordance with SRMC’s HIPAA Policy and existing policies and procedures.

Links to Other Sites.

A SRMC website may contain links to other websites, such as those provided as “Useful Links.” Please understand that these other web sites are not under SRMC control and SRMC is not responsible nor makes any warranties or representations as to the security or privacy practices of these other sites, the products or services offered by these sites, or the content appearing at these other sites. SRMC does not endorse any of the products or services marketed on these other sites. Please review the posted policies, including privacy policies, on any of these linked web sites to understand their respective policies on the collection and use of your personally identifiable information.


Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) is information you voluntarily provide SRMC through its websites.

PII includes, but is not necessarily limited to one’s:

  • Name (First and/or Last)
  • Home Address
  • Telephone Number
  • E-mail address
  • Photo
  • Credit card or account

or other information you provide to SRMC can individually identify you.



In general, you can visit SRMC websites with no PII being collected. PII is only collected when you provide it directly and voluntarily to SRMC. Two examples of where such collection takes place are on the Jobs and Contact Us web pages. In addition to information you voluntarily provide SRMC, our website does collect session information about your web site visit. We may record the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer you are using, the browser software used, the operating systems used, and the websites from which our visitors link directly to our site (“Session Information”). It is SRMC policy to use such Session Information only in the aggregate, and not in a format capable of being used to individually identify any visitor to our website(s).

Our web site’s request-for-more-information form requires users to give us contact information. This information is used to provide information to those who inquire about our products and services, to ship orders, to bill orders, and to handle related business matters. This information is also used to get in touch with customers when necessary. From time to time, the information gathered through this site will be used to notify you about services that we think will be of interest to you.

We do not have any arrangements with any other web sites or companies to track or monitor user activities on the Web. Our site does, however, produce reports that permit us to view your activity on our site in anonymous or aggregated form.

Cookies and Web Bugs – We do not use cookies, web bugs, or any other active content mechanism to capture or maintain information about you without your consent. We do not store any persistent information on your computer.

Third Party Disclosures – When you disclose PII to SRMC, we use your information only in accordance with the stated purposes for which is collected.   The only exception involves disclosure to the government according to normal business practice, for instance for the collection of taxes, and according to the orders of a court, for example responding to a subpoena or search warrant. We do not sell, rent, trade, lend, or otherwise transfer such information to affiliates, subsidiaries, sister companies, holding companies, parent companies, strategic partners, or any other organization.



Minors not permitted – SRMC does not knowingly attempt to collect PII from minors, or those individuals under the age of 18 through its websites. We do not knowingly provide services to minors. The SRMC website is not directed to individuals under age 18, and we do not knowingly collect personal information from children under age 18. If an individual under the age of 18 sends personal information to us, and this information can be identified as originating from a minor, the information will be deleted.


Security Measures – We safeguard your PII against unauthorized use or disclosure through the use of a variety of commercially reasonable security measures including, but not limited to, change control procedures, passwords, physical access controls, data backups, and other security controls.

Encryption –

  • Please be aware that the information you send to us in the Information Request Form, Privacy Information Request form, or in an email message will not be encrypted. Do not send any confidential information in this manner as all are vulnerable to unauthorized access.   If you want to give us confidential information, please call us at the number given at the bottom of this page or make other arrangements.
  • We use SSL Premium encryption to protect the transmission of information you provide us through this web page and other pages designated for confidential information collection.

Storage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – We do not store any personally identifiable information on our web server.

Policies and Procedures – SRMC has internal policies and procedures to limit access to your information to only those who have a business need to view it.

Sensitive Communicating Via Email and Web Page

Sending Confidential Information – Web sites visitors must not use this site to submit confidential information or PHI to SRMC. To arrange for the delivery of highly sensitive information, PHI or to communicate any confidential information, contact SRMC directly by calling (304)-872-2891.


Collecting Confidential Information – SRMC will always use encryption when collecting PII via web forms. Web site users can identify these forms by looking in the address bar of the browser, where the “https” in the URL indicates a secure connection. Site users can also view the “padlock” icon within the browser window. A closed padlock [insert image] indicates an encrypted connection.



Access to Personal Information – We make every effort to keep our records accurate. We will make appropriate changes when you notify us. If you want to view, update or delete the information we have about you in our database, please fill out our privacy information request form. We will follow procedures to verify your identity before providing this information to further protect your privacy.

If you wish to remove your name and related information from our contact database, we will promptly take action to comply with your request. We are pleased to process address error correction notices and address change requests through any of the following channels:


  • Sending regular mail to: Summersville Regional Medical Center 400 Fairview Heights Road Summersville WV 26651
  • Calling (304)-872-2891 during regular business hours
  • Faxing (304)-872-2080 any time of day or night

Privacy Policy Changes and Redress Information

Policy Change Notice – From time to time, we make changes to this Policy to reflect changes in legal and regulatory requirements, or as necessary as we upgrade or modify our technology, applications and service offerings. We recommend you visit our site to review our privacy policies occasionally.

Privacy Policy Questions and Problems: If you have any specific questions or concerns about this Policy, our information privacy practices, including any suspected potential disclosures of your personal information, please contact:

Jerri Kirkland, Privacy Officer/Risk Manager

Summersville Regional Medical Center

400 Fairview Heights Road

Summersville, WV 26651






Version [Version 1]     [2/3/2015]