Summersville Regional Medical Center is proud to host the region’s top urologist, serving more than eight counties through two locations. Our urologist delivers compassionate care for the diagnosis and management of a wide variety of genitourinary issues.
We seek to educate our patients regarding the extensive array of treatment options before they make significant health-related decisions. Our primary areas of expertise include:_____________.
Our staff has significant experience with the most advanced, effective, and minimally invasive treatments available. Furthermore, they take the time to educate and counsel before surgical intervention occurs. Our urologist accepts self-referrals or physician requests. We accept all insurances, Medicaid, and uninsured patients. Our priority to make your access to care as easy as possible means our team is ready to respond to your needs at any time of day. Our urologist is board certified and has office hours in both Summersville and Montgomery.
By providing local responses to your medical needs, we are able to provide the highest quality care and treatment for up to 80% lower cost, when compared to larger market procedure costs. That’s an exceptional savings in addition to being treated closer to home, by providers you already know and trust.